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How to use ezPad:
  1. You may use the chat room and the drawing board to communicate/collaborate with anybody in the world. It is a great tool for group project or home work.
  2. By default the drawing board, is in read only mode. To enable drawing mode, you will need to type in "Need to paint" in the text message box.
  3. Afer you done with drawing and to allow others to draw on the board, you will need to enter "Done with painting" in the message box.
  4. Type in your name in the textbox of "Enter your message here" and press "Enter" key to send your message to the chat room.
  5. All the messages of the chat room will be displayed on the chat message area. All chat rooms that is older than 12 hours will be deleted. If your chat room has been deleted, you can login to your account and re-create the room with same chatcode (if the chatcode is available).




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